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REIsearch connects researchers and policy makers tackling topics that shape our future in order to promote evidence-based policy making. REIsearch was launched in 2016 as official pilot project proposed by the European Parliament.

The platform with an integrated aggregation system provides access to data and scientific contents to policy makers and citizens interested in scientific topics and their societal impact, facilitating access to articles, journals, legislative and policy documents and scientific data stored in different databases. Currently, REIsearch grants access to over 115 million publications from different databases as well as to all the legal and policy documents contained in the EUR-Lex database. See


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Improving Public Engagement in Science

Public engagement in science is a key priority for REIsearch. In the first three years of activity REIsearch has focused on specific subject areas such as Chronic Diseases, in collaboration with European Commission’s DG Sante, Next Generation Internet and Digital Skills, in collaboration with DG Connect, reaching hundreds of thousands of European citizens with its media campaigns and survey. 


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The Media Campaign on Chronic Diseases

The start in 2016 on the topic of chronic diseases reached around 60.000 EU citizens out of which nearly 16.000 took part to the related survey. See the results of the Media Campaign on Chronic Diseases


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The Media Campaign on The Next Generation Internet

In April 2017 REIsearch has launched the Media Campaign on “The Next Generation Internet”. The Campaign aimed to be the largest public consultation on the future of the internet, involving both experts and citizens across Europe. Over 34.000 people have been engaged in the campaign between April and June 2017, while the social media campaign reached over 850.000 people. See the results of the Media Campaign on the Next Generation Internet


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The Media Campaign on Digital Skills

In 2018 REIsearch focused on a new Media Campaign on Digital Skills: Big data, analytics and AI; Social and New Media; Internet of Things Cybersecurity and Privacy. This last edition of the media campaign engaged more than 66.000 people on the new platform. The gamified survey to evaluate one’s digital skills has been played by 26.000 users among which 12.000 (45%) completed the game in full. See the results of the Media Campaign on Digital Skills


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Engaging the Public: the REIsearch Media Campaign on the AI Act in Europe

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to shape our future in profound ways. Recognizing the transformative potential and implications of AI, the European Union has taken a proactive step by formulating the AI Act, a comprehensive regulatory framework. At the core of this regulation is the conviction that citizen involvement is paramount for shaping a responsible and ethical AI landscape. In this endeavor, a media campaign has been launched, aiming to engage the public at large across Europe and foster informed discussions about the AI Act.

Unveiling the AI Act: A Brief Overview

The AI Act, proposed by the European Union, is a landmark legislative initiative designed to govern the development, deployment, and use of AI technologies within the EU. Its primary objectives encompass safeguarding fundamental rights, encouraging innovation, and ensuring the safe and ethical utilization of AI. This regulatory framework is pivotal in maintaining a balance between innovation, ethical considerations, and societal well-being.

Why Engage Citizens in AI Regulation?

1. Transparency and Trust:
By involving citizens in the formulation and implementation of the AI Act, a high level of transparency is achieved. This transparency cultivates trust between governing bodies and the public, as citizens witness their concerns and voices being integrated into the regulatory framework.

2. Diverse Perspectives:
The AI Act has far-reaching implications for every stratum of society. Involving citizens ensures that diverse perspectives and experiences are considered during its creation. This inclusive approach results in a more comprehensive and balanced set of regulations, effectively addressing a wide array of societal needs and concerns.

3. Democratic Participation:
In a democratic society, it is imperative that the laws and regulations affecting citizens are developed with their participation. The AI Act fundamentally influences the lives of EU citizens, and their involvement echoes democratic values, reaffirming their role in shaping the policies that govern their lives.

The Media Campaign: Bridging the Gap

To achieve widespread engagement, in December 2024 REIsearch will organise the campaign in partnership with our media partners. The campaign unfolds through op-ed pieces, interviews, educational materials, and interactive sessions, aiming to simplify the intricate aspects of the AI Act and its implications for the public. Through this collaboration, accurate and accessible information is disseminated, fostering an informed citizenry.

Citizen Consultations: The Pulse of the Campaign

At the heart of this campaign lies the initiative to organize citizen consultations. These consultations are designed to invite public opinion, insights, and concerns regarding the AI Act. Various methodologies, such as town hall meetings, online surveys, and interactive workshops, facilitate an open dialogue between the public and policymakers. The goal is to create an avenue for citizens to actively contribute to the legislation, making it a collective endeavor.

The Road Ahead: Empowering the Public

As the campaign gains momentum, the aim is to empower citizens to understand the AI Act and to voice their perspectives. An informed public is a powerful force, capable of influencing policy and driving responsible AI development. Through this media campaign and citizen consultations, we envision a future where AI is harnessed for the greater good, guided by democratic values and shaped by the collective wisdom of the people it serves.
In conclusion, the AI Act media campaign underscores the EU’s commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and democratic participation. By engaging the public and making them active participants in shaping AI regulations, we move closer to a future where AI aligns with human values and societal well-being.

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