Post-COVID Summit reaches 120 confirmed leading speakers

Post-COVID Summit reached over 120 confirmed leading speakers!

The Summit keeps expanding its network of outstanding experts across policymaking, business, healthcare, technology, and more to share ideas and visions of the post-pandemic world. The Summit was held on April 19-21 2022.

Post-COVID Summit was the “hybrid” summit – both in-person and virtually – that shaped the crucial debate on the Post-COVID Era by exploring and developing valuable new insights from academia, business, policy-makers, and media.

COVID-19 and the set of containment and monitoring measures that have been implemented on a global scale have significantly changed how we both work and live. How can policy-makers, businesses, and citizens proactively prepare for a post-crisis world? What will the Post-COVID Era be like?

Post-COVID Summit brought to life this crucial debate by mapping out and giving the stage to valuable new insights from academia, business, and policy-makers, embracing powerful ideas from key sectors and fields of expertise.

Leading experts from key areas including social sciences, healthcare, economy and finance, computer science, and policy-making yielded their crucial insights into how their specific field is emerging from the current COVID crisis and shapes the Post-COVID Era.

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