Lucilla Sioli joins the ECAI High-Level Group

10th October 2019, Brussels: Lucilla Sioli, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry within the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), joined the ECAI High-Level Group which will be preparing and confirming the contents for the European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI).

The European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) organized by AI4People’s media partners with the participation of the European Commission and the European Parliament – was set up to organize an extensive and first of its kind consultation of the public-at-large on Artificial Intelligence, across twelve European Countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom.

The results of this extensive and international public consultation will be presented in July 2020 by AI4People, with ECAI’s media partners, to the newly elected President of the European Parliament and to the newly elected President of the European Commission.

Ms Sioli is responsible for the coordination of the European digitisation of industry strategy within the DG CONNECT. Previously, she was Head of Unit for “Digital Economy and Skills” at DG Connect, responsible for the publication of the Digital Economy and Society Index and of the annual Europe’s Digital Progress Report as well as for the management of digital skills policy through the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

She holds a PhD in economics from the University of Southampton and one from the Catholic University of Milan and has been a civil servant with the European Commission since 1997.

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